Greenway Innovative Energy, Inc.

In August 2012, UMED acquired Greenway Innovative Energy, Inc. which owns patented Gas-To-Liquid Fuel (“GTLF”) technolgy in the energy industry. Greenway will commercialize, market, and deploy the patented, portable GTLF conversion technology.

This technology is based upon the Fischer-Tropsch conversion system that has been operational in various locations throughout the world since the 1920s. The Company’s GTLF conversion unit is portable, scalable, and able to produce fuel of higher quality than competing known technologies. Additionally, this technology meets several urgent needs in the marketplace for a low-cost, mobile system that can produce cleaner and more efficient diesel and jet fuels from smaller, stranded, or otherwise inaccessible natural gas fields in the U.S. and Canada (estimated at nearly 50% of all gas reserves). Once operational, the Company’s conversion unit is expected to be the only producing portable GTLF system in the world.

Greenway also owns proprietary heavy oil pump technology.

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